slx2go Map

With the integrated map you can view all primary addresses of your accounts at once.

You will have to plot addresses on to the map before they can be displayed. To do so, tap "Settings" on the map view.

This process is called geocoding. All you need to do is to tap "Geocode Accounts".

"Total" is the absolute number of addresses, "Geocoded" the amount of already plotted addresses.

You can let the geocoding process start with addresses of a specific postal code, or part of it (eg. 9; or 85; or 85338, etc..). If you wish to do so, please enter the postal code prior to starting the plotting.

After the geocoding process is done, you can tap any address on the map to jump to the respective account page, or get driving directions via Apple Maps or Google Maps.

When there are too many accounts to be displayed simultaneously, they will be collapsed to groups. You will need to zoom further in to expand these groups and see the actual accounts.